Hugh Broughton Architects are one of the established talents of contemporary British architecture with a portfolio of high quality and elegant designs spanning the cultural, science and business sectors. Pushing the frontiers of design and technology our projects are characterised by innovative, well-built spaces, which are a delight to use.

Design philosophy

From the outset we strive to understand the needs of our clients and the ways in which they work. This is achieved by extensive brief taking and consultation with clients and end users. Only when we feel fully informed do we set out on the creative design journey. We believe that, whilst the practice of architecture is an intellectual and artistic pursuit, to achieve physical meaning it needs to respond to human needs, commercial reality and environmental pragmatism. Our approach requires us to exercise the lateral thinking abilities of an architect to the full, taking us into new territories, exploring new forms of construction and drawing upon the full breadth of available technologies from a vast array of industries. This is epitomised by the success of our work for extreme environments, where we are one of the global leaders in the design of scientific research facilities in the Polar Regions.

Our portfolio is based in the commercial, institutional, cultural and public sectors. We like to develop long term relationships with our clients, helping us to understand their needs and make valuable contributions to their businesses and organisations. Our designs are characterised by a sensitive, contemporary architecture of calm and flowing spaces, enriched by meticulous attention to detail and occasional moments of drama.

Working methods

Our company has been built around a core of experienced architects who have worked together for many years and who understand each other’s strengths and skills. Our work is carried out in a friendly, lively and financially secure atmosphere. Our team spirit allows us to quickly adapt to changing situations. This flexibility lies at the heart of our practice.

In 2012, the practice won the ‘International Breakthrough Architect of the Year Award’ at the prestigious Building Design Awards, in recognition of their work in Polar Regions. The award is given to ‘the practice that has shown the most imagination opening up work in an international market’. The judges praised the firm for ‘engaging with the special issues of place rather than exporting a British architecture abroad’.

HBA office in action